Disabling Note off status byte

Hi. I would like to know if there is anyway to stop the ‘Note off’ status byte (during MIDI transmission), from being sent from Cubase Artist 9.5. Thanks

None that I know of.

Thank you.

May I ask what you need to accomplish? Maybe there’s another method…

I’m programming a light show from a MIDI track and to get very smooth dimming ( and as quite a few lights are being dimmed) a lot of bytes need to be sent. I built a MIDI to DMX converter and it programmed to only respond to note ‘Values’, not Note off’s. So I was thinking if there was a way of thinning out the data… Thanks.

Ah, I understand. Not from inside Cubase, as far as I know.

Can you program a filter in your device? Otherwise, something like Bome Midi Translator, or even MIDI-OX might be able to filter out those messages.

The tools Steve mentioned will probably get what you want.

But if not, and if you are OK with a bit of programming, then the ChucK programming language (Cal Arts) should easily do it. I suspect you’d find that ChucK is useful in other ways for what you are doing.