Disabling Tracks

Why is it only possible to Disable Audio tracks? (the user manual only refers to Disabling Audio tracks).

I am trying to use N7 with IC-Pro on (iPhone-4 and Android) but IC-Pro does not respond to the N7 visibility settings of tracks/channels, although it does respond to Disabled audio tracks - it hides them.

My current project uses a standard template that contains Audio and VST Instrument channels that do not currently contain any data. I don’t want to see all these empty channels in IC-Pro as it makes scrolling through them a bit of a pain, but I don’t want to delete them from the project either.

The Hide facility in N7 does not hide tracks in IC-Pro.

IC-Pro does have its own Show/Hide options but they are not flexible enough. For example, it is possible to hide all Audio tracks, but it would be more useful if it were possible to hide all Empty tracks.

If it were possible to Disable any type of Track/Channel in N7 , or if IC-Pro had more flexible Show/Hide options this would solve the problem.

I know one solution would be to deleted any tracks not currently used, but I don’t want to do this because of the effects chains I have already set up for some of the as-yet-to-be-used tracks.

couldn’t you just move all unused, empty tracks into a folder ?
that would reduce the amount of scrolling in the ic-pro…would that work ?

Unfortunately it does not work. The unused tracks remain visible, even after an N7 restart. The folder can be hidden in N7 but the tracks within the folder still show up in IC-Pro - the tracks in the folder can not be Disabled, even though they are empty, because they are not Audio tracks!

Unfortunately, I don’t think we can expect much in the way of development from Steinberg on the IC-Pro front as they’ve already abandoned the Android version.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

OK, what I’ve done to get these tracks out of the way is to make a copy of the project with all tracks in it, and I’ve then deleted all of the unused tracks from the active project. I’ll work out how to bring the yet-to-be-used tracks back in as and when.

import session data ?

Disabling of midi and instrument tracks is available via a key command. Search in there for disable/enable.

Hi Steve

As far as I can tell, the N7 English operation manual I have does not contain the phrase ‘disable/enable’.

I meant to search in the key commands dialog. Sorry!

No problem.

Where is the key commands dialog? - I use a Tango control surface and have never gotten into key commands.

In the menu: File>Key Commands