Disabling Windows Defender reduced Cubases startup by half

You are welcome prock. I am sure adding others to the exclude file would speed up their execution time. Programs like Halion Sonic 2 Standalone, EZ Drummer Standalone etc could all benefit from that.

After a fresh windows 10 boot the first opening of cubase was taking over 3 mins. It´s now down to seconds …a big big thank you from me to both zyguli and CWS. This was a really helpful thread.

You are welcome Mrhehon

Must be highly system dependent, I testet with and without WinDef and the result was exactly the same 13 seconds.
But if I had hundreds of 3d party plugins installed I could imagine a significant slowdown.

It was just the first Cubase boot after switching the computer on. Seemed to stick on initializing for a good couple of minutes, I have a few 3rd party Plug-ins but not hundreds. Wonder if anything to do with I lock. Anyways much quicker with Cubase bypassed by defender (for me).

Well, it’s a PITA but none of the exclusions work for me. So I disable Defender while a project is loading - goes very fast. Then I re-enable it after the project is loaded and have no issues…until the next project! I have not yet allowed defender to re-enable itself fearing a glitch when it kicks in. I’ll experiment with that another day.

PS: I recently removed AVAST antivirus opting for less intrusive protection glitching in Cubase (Windows Defender). There was no loading speed issue with Cubase while I was running AVAST.

PPS: Things seemed to hang the most when loading instances of PLAY (East West).

I have excluded the Steinberg folder, and any flac, mp3, wav… etc. Media files.
That has worked for me, for many years now.

Thanks. I will keep trying!

Hi peakae, thanks for the info. This may be a dumb question but when excluding file extensions does the dot need to be included? i.e. .wav or just wav? also - if using the dot do you include a “wildcard” asterisk? i.e. *.wav? Thanks for all info!

Sorry my DAW computer is down. I’m in the process of moving over to another computer.
But I am pretty sure that filetypes are entered

Thanks, peakae!

Just in case anyone else is following this, since my Cubase 10.5 loading time became really long after removing AVAST antivirus and depending only on Windows Defender I noticed the lag was in loading East-West’s libraries (mainly). Once I excluded those folders in Windows Defender my load times were back to normal and very fast - possibly quicker than when I was using AVAST. peakae’s suggestions above were a big help and so far the audio glitchiness in Cubase 10.5 is gone - probably caused by AVAST. Onward!