Dear Steinberg Team,
1st Nonsense: I am customer of Steinberg products about 15 years and now I don’t understand so nonsensical policy regarding own clients. So, free upgrade from Cubase 6 to 6.5 is ONLY for users who have registered Cubase 6 after 1 January 2012, it means about 1 year after the appearance of on version 6. So, customers who purchased earlier (usually long-time customers) are marginalized (it’s not first time).

2nd Nonsense: I understand that the disease of greed is incurable. Costs of any update - as example: from Cubase 6 to 6.5, or from 6 to 7 - is about 40-50% of price new product! In one word - it is VERY expensive, and I’m not going NEVER buy any update from you, especially after your stupid information regarding 64-bit Cubase version (for PC on Cubase 5, on Mac Cubase 6…). I need honest informations. I need HONEST supporting not for 2-3 years (do you remember Midex 8, Houston, ST24/96, Virtual Guitarist 2, etc, etc… Where is supporting for those “professional” items??? For this reason I always advise my students: don’t buy any hardware products from Steinberg, because is for 2-3 years - later this company has you in “deep mess”.
Simply, you are geniuses of loss of customers! Congratulations!
Best regards,

Your Cubase 7 question is …?

Although Midex 8 was discontinued many years ago, Steinberg have written new 64-bit drivers for it, and so will work with any current operating system.

Support for this device is just one click away

I dont mind paying for an upgrade. …I just think it should be subject to how much you have spent in upgrades on your account and after 2 or three higher priced upgrades you should be eligible for one or two free then resets.

I really like cubase 7.5 im even getting to like the mix console in my opinion it was worth the price.yes their are problems with it I have read on here but for me I dont use the features people are reporting faulty. Im more of a tracker and mixer. .if its wrong I re do it. But for the people who use these features daily its probably a nightmare they dont function right so for them the upgrade price will annoy especially if its a couple of version jump.

be nice to see steinberg concentrate on tidying up as much as possible instead of pushing new vst instruments and FX previous versions have plenty of. and listen to the professionals/experts using their product for hours daily who take the time to report flaws or problematic features to try n improve cubase to an even better standard then everyone wins.happy customers pay for upgrades happy steinberg get the cash and less complaints n loose less custom. In a perfect world eh… :laughing:

End of the day avid do it waves do it…Personally bought all im going to from waves! Good stuff but their upgrade price isnt worth it (imo) .
but these companies have to keep the money coming in or no more toys for use dude :mrgreen:

Yes. It is. It has even affected you. You want to keep more of your money instead of paying the good people at Steinberg who have worked to produce the product that you choose to buy of your own free will. You would deny them some of the money they ask in return for their product. The money that they will use to feed their families and keep them warm. If the price was set by the government and determined to be the “fair” price for the greater good of all, and you still thought it was too high, would you still complain? Steinberg wants to make money… You want to save yours… They are one and the same desire. By calling them greedy you are only displaying your own greed.

I recently found out that if I wanted to play a single round at the golf club next to our village (I wouldn’t as I suffer from acute golfophobia), it would cost me £185 to £215 depending on the time of year. Suddenly Cubase didn’t seem such bad value.

I’m old enough to remember when a reel of 2 inch tape used to cost getting on for a hundred UK pounds, (maybe 250 in today’s terms) which meant working at 30 ips, you got about 15 minutes of music. That was before you starting paying for the studio time.

Steinberg is not a huge company. They need to keep updating current programs, develop the next generation of programs, pay staff and all the myriad overheads which go with any business. They also need to compete with other DAW makers to survive. I reckon the update costs are fair.

but you know, that you´re posting all this in the german section of “Steinberg Lounge” ? :mrgreen:
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