Disapointed not to get Dorico 4 today

Having had all Dorico versions from the get go, disappointed not to have been able to get Dorico 4 today. My purchase needs to be checked manually it seems.

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed, Geoff. If you’re buying an update from an earlier version to a newer version, there shouldn’t be any kind of eligibility check or anything – what was the nature of the check you’re waiting for?

Really not sure thanks Daniel - I did have to request a password reset. Maybe that was it, 0r some sort of related synchronisation issue.

I just got a message saying my purchase had to be checked manually - could be 3 days. I can no longer see the message so not sure of exact wording. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll hear something tomorrow – if not, please do raise a ticket with AskNet to enquire what’s going on.

Thanks Daniel - In the scheme of things an extra day or so is not a big deal, but I know you will understand we want to get hold of the new toys asap!

For Info, here is the message I received - I’ll see what happens in the morning.
Dear customer,
Unfortunately we have to check your order manually. As soon as the check is completed, you will receive the order confirmation via e-mail. If you do not receive an order confirmation within three business days, please contact the asknet support.
Thank you for your understanding.

Scott at Asknet sorted me out on this - so now I have Dorico 4 installed. Looking forward to having a go with it now! Thanks.

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