Disappeared some vst2.4 plugins. Where they are?

Hello everyone!
Recently I did install some plugins, both versions, vst2.4 and vst3.
At the plugin manager appear only the vst3 versions and not the vst2.4.

  1. They are not blacklisted
  2. In Wavelab 10 I can see both formats, so…
    where they are in Cubase?
  • This happened to a specified brand, all the other vst2.4 plugins are there, but yet… this issue doesn’t exist in Wavelab.
    Any idea?

my guess is they are where you installed them :smiley: So maybe you need to add the specific path to the cubase vst plugins paths inside the cubase plugin manager manually?

If you have VST3 versions of the same plugin…why in the world would you want to load the VST2.4 version as well? In my rig I have to remove all the VST2.4 DUPLICATE versions because it just bogs down the load interface and creates more used storage area in Windows - too many selections. For example, you should see that all your VST2.4 duplicates are loaded in the OTHER folder (in the Plugin Manager) creating an entire new folder for your program to search when loading a plugin. It’s just goofy. And frankly, I have to jump through some hoops to remove these VST2.4 plugins from my DAW. l find it interesting that in your case Cubase doesn’t find them. I say amen to that!

Now, I should also mention that some plugins only offer the VST2.4 version, I have 3 plugins like this. Cubase finds them and loads them, no problem, so I give you that there are those plugins that conform to VST3 specs but are labeled VST2.4. Of course you need these, but these exist only because the particular companies have not created the newer VST3 version. They still perform properly in Cubase… But if I had a VST3 version of the plugin, I would lose the 2.4 version in a heartbeat - I don’t need it, why keep it around.

I agree with you and I also prefer to use the vst3 versions but there is a suite of plugins that for a strange reason, some of them are missing the vst3 ones so I was hoping for these only to be able to use the vsr2 ones. But anyway, here the problem comes to another level, because I cannot understand why Wavelab 10 can read and play these plugins and Cubase not.

They are in the same path as all my vst plugins.
As I said, Wavelab can read them!
Why Cubase can’t, from the time they are not blacklisted?

Well, I think WL is not VST3 specific? That might explain the difference. Also, your WL program may have had a folder address because it was installed before a newer version of Cubase. Typically, I sort my plugins in a fresh Cubase install and then open WL.

As to why Cubase does not Black List these plugins, you must be correct, Cubase cannot find them. However, if you know where they are located (typically User/Common Files/etc.), then you can do a search from the Cubase Plugin Manager.

All of this said, if the company makes a VST3 version and it’s on your computer, send the Cubase search to this folder.

In my mac os x there is just one vst folder and one vst3 folder for each plugin category so I’m 100% sure that there is no different location which would make the confusion. I tried also in Reaper today and I can see there the both plugin versions.
I want to try reinforce Cubase to search and read again all the plugins but I don’t know how to do it though.

To get cubase to rescan all plugins select the switch next to the search box in the plugin manager.


I’ll do, thanks!

I have them and you can get them for 1 million dollars ransom.