Disappearing comma

Dear team, dear Doricians,
I just stumbled upon this situation. I have a tied note followed by a breath mark. If the system break is during the tied note, the breath mark disappears. Not sure this has been reported before…
Here’s the music :

And moving the system break one bar later :

Capture d’écran 2020-02-11 à 09.52.24.png

Yes, I’m afraid this is a known problem and it’s on our backlog to be fixed. You should find that moving the breath mark to a different rhythmic position and then adjusting its graphical position in Engrave mode allows it to appear correctly in the meantime.

Thanks Daniel. That is actually how I corrected this. It’s a tricky situation, since I only noticed that missing coma after a third reading, and I did not forget to input it, since it does appear in galley view. Hopefully these error prone bugs will be resolved soon.

I have dozens of cases like this in a score I’m working on right now. Has the bug been fixed in the forthcoming 3.5.10?

Daniel probably would have mentioned it if it had been.

No, it hasn’t been fixed in the forthcoming update, I’m afraid.