Disappearing graphics after library manager merge

I use a homemade graphic as a line annotation (end cap). It’s a great option to have. Thank you! Works fine, except after I merge libraries, when the end caps disappear. After I close, then reopen the file, they are back. So it’s really not serious. Just thought you’d like to know.

It would be helpful if you could provide a cut-down project and a set of steps that would allow us to reproduce the problem, so we can properly investigate. Many thanks!

While trying to create the behavior I described yesterday, I found that the disappearing line situation only occurs when my new library settings (including line cap graphics) replaces existing line cap graphics. It’s not the exact situation I described. Dorico has to replace one set of imported picture files with another. After toying with it and thinking it through, it makes more sense to me now why there’s a temporary hangup.
Restarting the program to see the new graphics, while not ideal, seems reasonable. Don’t many software programs require a restart for certain operations to take effect?
So, I’m sorry for the false alarm. I’m trying to build a subscription site on composing melody that requires at least 3 dozen Dorico files, each with 5-40 flows. It’s easy to get my lines tangled. So you can probably imagine why I am so deeply grateful for the Library Manager. As I work, I inevitably come up with better ways to format how I label my examples. And for this, Dorico is outstanding!
(But golly, would it be nice to be able to set preferences for graphic files: file format, dpi, and “fix to margins.” Pretty sure I’ve already asked for this in a more general way.)
Thanks once again, Daniel!

Thanks for the additional info, David. So the symptom is that you have some existing lines in the project that use a custom line cap that use imported graphics, and when you replace those line caps by importing new library items via the Library Manager, the old line caps still display in the project itself until you quit and restart Dorico? I would at least expect them to update if you close the project and reopen it – does that work?

All of the line graphics disappear until I close and reopen the file.