Disappearing note expression input device

I have created a new note expression input device in Cubase 13 to work with my Osmose keyboard. I did this by following the procedure provided be Expressive-E, and it seemed to work fine. I saved the project file and exited Cubase. When I reopened the project file, the note expression input device had disappeaed, I repeated the the process three times and the device continued to vanish. What’s going on?

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ME happens the same !
i created noteexpression devices for the different ways osmose connects to mpe thru cubase. and in works but suddenly it disappears. even i tried to save much times the whole project. and when i start cubase from a saved veriosn , it could be that it dissapears also. Cubase 13 pro latest release, Windows11. thats a very weird bug must be, because its alot of work to install noteexpression devices, its nearly useless !!! and so it avoids me to use my osmose right in reordings and sequencing, … i hink its a serious error !!! Help one of them become useless : cubase or osmose, i dont want to face this :frowning:

I have the same problem. I created I template to use with the OSMOSE but it is totally useless… It took me two hours.