Disappearing Thread

I guess the windowing thread irritated someone. It just vanished into thin air. :mrgreen: When I used the browser “back” button to go back to it, it told me …

“You are not authorized to read this …”

Censorship? I thought it was actually pretty civilized, reasonable, polite and fair.

hehe, we’ve been nerfed

maybe my Excel example pissed someone off :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough. Never argue about the rules of the house in someone else’s house. We’re guests and they can do as they please.

Not a big deal, I was just wondering what happened to it.

I feel the same … no biggy. I was kind of surprised though. There was no name calling. Unless I was being too abrasive about the conversation.

Anyhow, at least you know someone else agrees with you on the deleted subject :wink:


oh well…