Disappearing waveform/ file

Tried to record an additional audio track. Undoing a take resulted in another recoprded audiofile disappearing. Redoing does nothing. What should I check next?

iPad 2 iOS 6.0.1

Look in the trash. Many deleted audio files end up there. Find the one you want and select restore. Now the audio file is in the audio section of the media browser. From there you can bring it back into your project.

Thanks for the tip! I managed to restore some of the deleted audio that were in the trash perhaps due to my excess undoing.

However, the file I’m after cannot be found anywhere even though the audio event with fades and edits is still in it’s correct positions in the arrangement view. To make it even weirder, the content of another audio event on a mono track has suddenly been replaced with audio from a completely different, stereo(!?) file - in another project… :open_mouth: I’ve no idea what’s going on… similar findings anyone?