disappearing waveform

Happening in 10.2 & 10.3. I seem to remember it from Cubase though.
Trying to edit an audio track, zoom in and the wave disappears, zoom in more it comes back, zoom out it disappears, out more it returns.
Anybody familiar or know a fix?

I see the same.

Any strategy to keep it from choking your workflow? I’m pretty tired of ‘hope & pray’.
I’m on osx 10.14.6.


When I’ve seen it it’s because of something else that happened that was ‘serious’, like files not linked properly or failed iZotope RX transfers. I typically don’t have time to mess around with this stuff when I’m in the middle of working so I just bounce the event to a new file (assuming the edits are good) and that regenerates the waveform display for that (new) event. Waste of space, somewhat annoying, but faster than troubleshooting it. I haven’t found anything about regenerating waveforms so… please share if you find that.

Happened to me also when doing lots of DOP with RX. I think I remember deleting the .csh file helped rebuilding the waveforms.