Disappearing Waves plugs

Recently I’ve had a disturbing issue, and I’ve seen it with a couple of projects. The project opens with some plug-ins (specifically Waves REQ 4 ) missing in channels. Worse still, there’s no warning message. Other Waves plugs (compressors) show up fine.

Recently I mixed a project in another studio, on Nuendo 6 64-bit on a Mac. All was fine, but when I opened it back at home on Nuendo 64 on my PC, all the REQ 4s had gone. I opened it in 32-bit and they were back.

For now I’m sticking to 32-bit.

Any ideas?


Nuendo 6, Windows 7, 64-bit.
Waves 9 Diamond
Altiverb, Speakerphone, Izotope Rx

It sounds like for some reason you’re not seeing the 64-bit versions of the plugins - which is bizarre.
Is it safe to assume that you are trying to use the VST3 versions (WaveSWhell located in C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3) or are you using the VST2 versions (default install path for the WaveShell is, bizarrely, C:/Program Files/vstplugins - note the missing “steinberg” path) which is presumably to be absolutely sure you cannot end up with duplicates of everything in both VST2 & VST3 variants.

Check the waveshell is there in the VST3 folder, and if it is not then go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Waves/Waveshells and copy the 64-bit VST3 shell to the location above - this will trigger a rescan.
If the WaveShell is there, then go to C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/<Your DAW version) and delete the following files:
VST2xplugins Nuendo.XML
VST2xBlacklist Nuendo.XML
This will force a full rescan of all plugins on your system - VST2 & VST3 - and will also remove the set paths you have in “Devices/Plugin Information/VST2x Plugin Paths” so they will need to be added back again. If you are using the VST3 versions this will not (should not?) be necessary and you should be okay with just deleting the first XML file referred. If you do reset all, please make sure you do not point to folders containing 32-bit versions of plugins that you also have in 64-bit or things can go horribly wrong. If this still does not work, try deleting the Nuendo “Defaults.XML” file which will delete the VST3 cache (along with other stuff, which will need resetting)

This cleanup process will fully refresh everything - I also recommend getting the latest v15 version of Waves 9 as well - best way to install this is to run the online installer in update mode (selecting no plugins), then run it again & uninstall everything, go to the install folder (location above) and delete everything except your IR files if installed - certainly all plugin bundles - and reinstall.

I hope this helps - plugin issues can be so frustrating at times.