Disappointed in C7 and the new MixConsole

The new MixConsole is very very slow and clumsy. Scrolling to left/right is just freaking impossibly slow. Can´t work this way!

The fact that the Master Out channel is now the last track and not visible ALL THE TIME on the right just kills my workflow. I don´t wanna go back and forth with the first tracks (drums and bass) and the last track (master out), especially when the scrolling is so bad.

The performance of C7 is also very bad! My project that was about 40% CPU in 6.5.4 went to 60% in 7.0.2.

Going back to 6.5.4.

Waste of money! Cubase 7 is a scam! :imp:

yep it’s turning out to be a dead horse for workflows in so many ways but it’s abit harsh to call it a scam

Well I think it´s totally justified to call it a scam. I feel scammed. I can´t do anything with my 149€ purchase.

Maybe before calling it a scam, you should investigate how to use the new version. You can use the ‘Zones’ feature to lock your Master Out channel permanently to the right hand side of the mixer while you scroll through your other channels.

While I would agree that the MixConsole has some shortcomings, you ought to know that you CAN fix any track, including the master out to the far left or right of the mixer. Check out the zones tab in the channel selector. Cheers

Ok, well that´s good to know. It still doesn´t fix the slowness, clumsyness and just plain bad performance.

Not a “scam” … but not brilliant either

SB are offering refunds in this post…

It would be easier for someone to help you if you posted your setup in your signature :wink:

Yes, and if you read the thread, the guy chose not to take up the refund offer because once he’d finished throwing his toys out of the pram, he probably realised that this is an amazing piece of software that has flaws like every other piece of software out there.

If I mute the Master Out and then unmute it, it will unmute bunch of other miscellaneous channels in my project and totally ruin everything.

Is this a new “feature”?

In 6.5.4 it does what it supposed to do. It mutes the Master Channel and then unmutes it. Doesn´t affect other channels.

That is something that perhaps only a decent Computer platform will fix.

This is one of the most ridiculous and absurd post I’ve read on this forum. Ignorance is very audacious :blush: !

How so? You have zero argument, that´s what´s ignorance.

I have that. 6.5.4 is also installed on my computer. The performance difference is huge. 7.0.2 is just slow and very very laggy compared to 6.5.4. That´s not an upgrade, that´s a downgrade. There´s no excuses.