Disappointed with v8 [solved: wrong edition]

I downloaded the update from v7 to SpectraLayers version 8 today and was very disappointed that the Unmix Stems feature had disappeared from the new version.

Having used the feature extensively in v7, I was looking forward to incremental improvements in functionality and quality, but not the removal of the feature.

Is this function splitting off as another programme? Or has it gone forever?

I think I’ll have to look at alternative software.


I’ve never understood what “unmix” was doing in an NR program. I’ve never used it. I doubt I’ll use “EQ match” either.

“Unmix” seems better suited to WaveLab to me.

However, what WOULD represent an improvement is the ability to monitor and adjust effects in real time. As it is, I’m basically stuck using presets I’ve calibrated on other programs. It’s better than nothing, but I’d like more.

@phil.lentz You didn’t enter your Pro activation code into the eLicenser Control Center. What you’re seeing right now is SpectraLayers One, the free version of SpectraLayers, with a lot less features.
When you’ll enter your Pro activation code into the eLicenser Control Center, you’ll see all the Pro features.
You can see what version is active at launch (splashscreen), in the About screen, and in the title bar as well if you’re running the Windows version.

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Unmix has been extremely useful for me in the studio. And it works a lot better inside Cubase when you are able to just drag and drop the tracks straight to the timeline. Ed

Can someone confirm that they do have Unmix Stems in SL Pro 8?

If not, I probably won’t upgrade as I’d hate to lose that function.

OK Looks like we are safe. I found this on Steinberg’s own spec page. Left to right is Pro 8, Elements 8, and One.

I can also confirm that Unmix Stems is definitely available in SL Pro 8.

I believe something is wrong with Steinberg’s licensing system because I had this same problem. When I initially purchased the upgrade, it downgraded to the low tier version and I had to call the company (which I ordered the upgrade through) to find out what’s going on and they confirmed the license issue seems to be on Steinberg’s end

Thanks Joey

It’s probably the most complicated installation I’ve ever come across. You have to download two applications to download a third. Then activate the licence.

Anyway, I’m hoping the nice people at Steinberg will be able to fix it for me too.

Yeah I also don’t understand the friendly “Steinberg download assist installation” package along with elicenser thing either. The elicenser and “download assist installation” package should be bundled into one application (to cut down on confusion).

Very confusing indeed, perhaps maybe the Steinberg team may want to consider reworking the licensing system and maybe start implementing “download assistant” within “elicenser” so the customers are not confused with activating their license. Maybe perhaps the licensing system can be reworked so the customer only downloads one application (which in this case would be the elicenser) and as soon as you activate your key, it automatically finds the product you activated and downloads from the Steinberg’s servers and installs and automatically activates (all from one application)

I agree. Well said.


One major step to simplify the convoluted process will be the announced introduction of a new license management we are currently working on.

Sounds great!