Sorted i was wrong

We all make mistakes

What would you expect?
SX3 - Release Date: 2004 ( now 7 years ago!)

But your choice:
Pro Tools (with definitely less features than C6!) is now available for: £504.
plus iLok USB Smart Key: £33.95
summary = £537.95 (!)


I think you are missing the point…LOL

There are only a handfull of improevments to cubase that come with version 6.

Question, are they worth £420 to me…i think not.

LOL indeed!!

hang on “a hand full of improvements”?? what since SX3???


Oh come on man, no one forces you to buy anything, all the past years/centuries.…
PT is boring against cubase 6, IMHO. (I use both DAWs)

+1 Nicely put…

So, you’ve found a way of getting C6 for £185 (as opposed to a direct SX3 update from the steiny shop costing £422…?). Care to share how you did it…? Whatever, I mean, I’d call that a frikkin result…!! But no, not good enough for you - its still all a bit of a convoluted process you say… :unamused:

Look, do you wanna save the money or not…? Do you want/need the software or not…? Do you really want to get PT instead, or not…?

You just broke the old addage “Ignorance is bliss”. Let’s see - control room, Media Bay, Side Chaining, Group routing, Play Order Track, AudioWarp, variaudio, Halion One, Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent One, Amp Simulator, Prologue, Mystic, Spector, Loop Mash, Reverence, group track editing, VST Expression… oh, and 64 bit.

You sir, must have big hands.


don’t include loopmash…

i mentioned it on the old forum but for those that don’t know - loopmash sucks donkey balls.


They should rename it Loopmess…


Now, I’d pay to see that. :laughing:

If you were talking since Cubase 5… maybe. Since Cubase 4? No, definitely not. Since Cubase SX3 though…??? SX3 is a dinosaur now.