Disc Cache Overloads - Repeated Crashes Cubase 10.0.10

Hi. Working a project with about 80 tracks. Mixture of samples and virtual instruments. All samples are using musical mode in the pool. All samples are 120bpm and project is set to 124bpm (not a huge stretch).

Disc Cache Overloads were terrible. Often the whole project would just crash during disc overloads. Session is on a WD Black 7200 drive. I changed pre-load size, and disabled OS cache flushing per disc, and saw some improvements. Occasionally it will still freeze… and I think it’s happening during auto saves. I have moved the project to a different drive (also WD Black). Same results.

Ideas? Thoughts? Need some hive mind help please.

This is driving me crazy…

The more space you are using on the drive + the amount of R/W requests will = bad results.
I’ve switched my HDD for storage only.