Disc images?

The installer for v7.5 consisted of two disk images, “Cubase 7.5.iso” (7.09GB) and “HALSonic SE Content 2.iso” (3.44GB). These total 10.53GB. I can only see a single image for Cubase Pro 8 (9.2GB).

Does this mean that the content of the “HALSonic SE Content 2.iso” image has been incorporated in the CBP8 image? Why is it smaller then. This must be a first;) . Installers for newer versions are normally larger than those for previous versions.

Or am I supposed to install the “old” “HALSonic SE Content 2.iso” image if I do a clean install of CBP8?

Hello Svenne,

are you sure the 9.2 GB file is an ISO image? It should be a dmg file for the Mac and a zip file for PC.
Those are full installers, one for each platform, hence the smaller size. They include all that’s needed and you can use these for a clean install.

The hybrid PC/Mac ISO images are bigger (5.6+7.2GB).


Sorry, my mistake. It is a dmg file.

Thank you for your quick reply.