Discount / coupon code?

Hello - considering moving from Dorico 4 to 5, but I use Dorico for sacred music for a 501(c)(3) entity - any chance of getting a coupon code please for the upgrade?

I’m afraid updates are not eligible for educational or theological discounts, sorry!

Thanks for confirming either way!

PS So I bought 5 Pro (upgrade for $99 from 4 Pro) and when I run the icon, it says Dorico 5 SE??? And it prompts to upgrade for another $79? Help please.

Have you checked the Steinberg Activation manager to activate the new version?

Yes thanks - but even then Dorico 5 won’t show up, even after clicking on resync.

When you bought the update, you received an email receipt from the Steinberg online shop that contains a Download Access Code. You need to enter this e.g. here. Once you’ve done that, run Steinberg Activation Manager again and click the Refresh button in the top right corner, and now you should see your Dorico Pro 5 license.

Thanks. I also have a Trial version of Dorico 4 Pro in that licensing portal as well as SE. Can those be removed from my “licenses” since I’ll never use them and they just clutter the page. Thanks!

I’ve done that for you now.