discounts for teachers

Hi to the Forum,

I have a friend who is a music publisher and private piano music teacher. They are not a teacher in an educational institution, but are they eligible for a teachers discount?

They also have Sibelius, so they would be eligible for a crossgrade though.

thanks if anyone has any knowledge of how the discount could, or would not apply to private piano teachers.



I think I once got a private music teacher discount for some software by proving that I belonged to the MTNA (Music Teachers National Ass.). Otherwise, private music teachers are left out by most software offering teacher discounts. Perhaps they feel that it is commercially unviable, since so many musicians do at least a little teaching.

I’ve been looking into this too, and wondering what the answer would be. While technically I am not a teacher (on staff) I do work with local High Schools as music director for their Musicals/Performances/concerts and could use Dorico in that capacity. Looking at the PDF form from the website it does say:
“Eligible for education rebates are teachers, educators, students of universities, public and private (music) schools, and SAE Institutes”

Seems like a private teacher is an Educator - so It seems like we are included. But, the form also requires a stamp from institution, so I am not sure.

Looking forward to an official response.

With this kind of topic, have you already contacted Steinberg Support directly? From my experience, they know a solution. if there eis any.

If you buy from our online shop, you will need to upload proof of qualification for educational status as part of the purchase process. Any reasonable form of proof will be accepted: for example, a payslip or ID card from the institution by which you are employed; a letter from the school you work at vouching for your work there; proof of membership in a dues-paying association for music educators, and so on.

If you buy from one of our reseller partners, you can generally chat to somebody about qualification over the phone. Our reseller partners perform the verification process on our behalf, so provided the reseller is satisfied with your status and will sell you the product, you’re all set.

Thanks Daniel