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Im trying to learn what all the “flags” mean in Discourse and the best way to use to improve my knowledge and efficiency in posting.
ie Now discovered what grey title lines mean in Forum list, but cant quite work out how the totals of new and unread are flagged, ie after adding a post, I didn’t see it appear under new so I’m clearly not reading the flags and heading purposes correctly yet.

1: Is there a discussion home for discourse understanding? Cubase appears to be the default heading category for all posts? (Ive used a sub cat “info” here)
2: Is there any documentation which can aid understanding in the context of the Steinberg Forums.


hi David

have you done the introductory tutorial with the discobot ? There should be a ‘greetings’ message in your inbox.

I think when you say ‘flags’ you might mean ‘tags’ - there are tags for all the major Steinberg software groups and you can also tag things like ‘feature requests’ etc… I’ve moved this one into the ‘steinberg lounge’ for example :smiley:

if you have question then ask away. It seems complex at first but when you’ve played with it a bit then most of it makes sense…although I still make schoolboy errors :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes the language and definition we use depends on our past history and experience, in my IT world Flags and Tags were interchangable.

Cant find the Introductory. Been a forum member ever since it was first created by Steinberg years and years ago so needed to completely refresh and relearn, not easy at my age.

I saw this post flagged in Steinberg Lounge so that also confused me as I was trying to track what I had done as thats my best learning path, your comment now helps me understand how that occurred, so at least found that lol. (I presume you are one of the administrators or managers of the forum with such permissions allowing posts to be moved) .

How does voting work
1: It appears users are credited with a certain amount of votes.
2: Im assuming the Vote button on topic heading is how a vote is cast.

Likewise flagging or tagging “solution”
Does the original question poster flag against the response which gave then their solution within the topics discussion. Does that give credit of some kind to the user coming up with the solution?


hi David

the introduction should be in your ‘messages’ - top RHS of the screen - it just gives some hints and tips about posting etc…

Yes, posts/threads can be moved - you can usually edit your own ‘tagging/flagging’. Discourse, the forum software calls them ‘tags’ . Flagging in Discourse, means to mark a post as being spam or similar.

The voting system works as you say - and yes the button on the top is the ‘vote’ - it’s really only meant for ‘feature requests’

The ‘solution’ button is nice because it shows people searching the forum for ‘fixes’ what was the actual solution - also I think it’s a nice way to say ‘thanks’ - you don’t really get ‘credit’ apart from the thanks of other musicians and engineers :smiley:

and rest assured you are not the only ‘oldie’ here - good chance to get your brain cells fired up

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Cant see 'Messages" reference on my screen. Copy attached. Another terminology point.
Email and Messages lol. For me apps have messages so any reference get me looking for an app or a marked button. Where are messages found from this screen?

Getting there, slow but sure is my new motto lol.


I think the big question on the vote system is how you get more votes as there seems to be a pre-allocated amount that you start with.

I have read on here that if a thread is closed that you had voted on, you receive that vote back.

However, it seems like you can quickly run out if that’s the only method of votes returning back, particularly if the topics aren’t managed and closed out effectively and that’s the only way of gaining votes.

hi David

click on the (D) - (your avatar) - slightly to the right (like The Golden Shot :smiley: ) - rather than the ‘menu’

there is a whole new world of things to click on there…

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hi Skijumptoes

I think you start with 5 votes - and as you go through trust levels it goes up. When you vote it tells you have many you have left. You can also un-vote by clicking on the vote button again.

your account details show what you’ve voted for and what trust level you are. I don’t really know what the ‘correct’ number of votes is - but 5 votes seems about right (in my very humble opinion), means you use them wisely and don’t just vote for everything.

As to wether they will influence future development…:smiley: but let’s hope so


Cheers I see the envelope now. Thanks for pointers and links, feel I’m on a roll now lol.

You can teach and old dog new tricks.

PS also note theres no “solution box” on these posts so I guess thats linked to forum categories. So thanks.

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yep - you’re already way ahead of most others on here :slight_smile:

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