Discussion about VST Live DMX features

Hi folks!

I wonder, how many of you are using app’s DMX features in a regular base now?
Tips, tricks, ideas, thoughts, anything about to share with others about this feature. If admins would like to move this under e.g.: Lounge section, I appologise and will start it over there.

  • Do you keep all DMX fixtures in a separated DMX FOLDER (lane)?
  • How you solve morphs / address change / offset if needed?
  • Do you use exclusively with own DMX devices or involving sometimes Venue’s device to your gig also?
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Hi @Spork and @musicullum ,

I bought a new floor set for future stage design development. Just want to ask you, when will be avaiable to broadcast to multiple DMX UNIVERSEs in VST live?

Answer can help me to plan the structure whether to order programming with more functionality and separation as able to broadcast to multiple universes or must to stick at Universe#0 ? (I think, they will do programming on their system then we will record to VSTLive as they feel more comfortable working on their own lighting desk)

Is there a planned next milestone for DMX related capabilities?


You can set the target universe in the track inspector, no?

hi @musicullum ,

maybe I’m missing something but could not broadcast to any other universe then #0.

… we’ve found something, @fkalmus. We are on it,

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Hi @Spork ,

I would need just an estimated info about when VSTLive’s lock to DMX Universe#0 will be fixed. The new programming is in planning for xmas time, programming will happen around last week of october. How do you see this, can we build it with multiple universes, or better not to count with?

Thank you for reply,

… this or next week,

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Thank your for your positive feedback! Booth will great and in-time :smiling_face:

@fkalmus, it’s done and it has been added to the next update. VST Live will then support 16 Universes (0-15).

See you,

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That is supper, Thank you very much :hugs:

((16 unis will be future proof. …btw Resolume Arena has also 0-15 addressable universes for fixtures. Not necessary to fill them fully up, rather having flexibility at join two systems or connecting to an existing one))