Discussion and survey about scorewriters on Facebook

On facebook there is a discussion about Dorico, Finale, Sibelius and other score writers in the group “Orchestration online” ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/278568792265515/permalink/1899378070184571/?comment_id=1899741943481517&notif_id=1542748518673065&notif_t=group_comment_follow )
Interesting: in a survey said 207 users that they use Sibelius, 102 that they use Finale and only 56 that they use Dorico (and 38 Musescore).

Oh, that’ll change. Notation is an entrenched industry, but the trajectory favors Dorico from everything I’m reading.

Here are the results of a similar (albeit smaller) survey from the Facebook Music Engraving Tips group, from March. Looks to me like Dorico is making remarkable progress!

Version 2 was big. That’s what did it for me, and for others, I imagine.

A Nobel prize winning physicist once said “scientific progress happens one funeral at a time”.

I suspect it also applies to computer software usage. If you spent years learning to use an application, and it does everything you want, as fast as you want to do it, why change? If somebody is happy using Musescore, there’s no reason why they NEED to change to Dorico. Musescore is a perfectly good notation program if you don’t need to push the boundaries of what it does.

Well, Finale did everything I needed it to do (and I’m not overly demanding with the music I’m writing) but I wasn’t happy with it anyway, particularly with the workflow (keyboard shortcuts etc.). So, yeah.