disillusioned with steinberg

does anybody else feel that steinberg put lots of emphasis on encouraging new customers to buy, such as crossgrading, percentages of bundles (halion and cubase) , buy this get that free, update from cubase artist for and extra £100 i’ve also become frustrated with the fact that i’ve bought cubase 4,5 and 6 yet if id have missed out on 5 it would have cost me the same price to upgrade from 4 to 6.
i feel that as a loyal customer i get nothing, just bend over and take it like a bitch, loyalty counts for nothing with steinberg.
the final straw came for me when yesterday i asked for an extension to evaluate the yamaha vintage bundle, i did get the demo’s for pc and mac as im trying to evaluate which operating system is the most stable and gives me the best performance but due to a death in the family my head really wasn’t in to producing so i’ve hardly touched them, i was flatly refused after the member of staff looked in to it for me and even patronisingly wished a “merry xmas and a happy new year” at the end of a very curt message.

i buy all my software and get lots of free updates off the manufacturers and not just bug fixes, i feel rewarded for supporting their products, powercore have gladly reset my demo’s and so have uad i could name several more but steinberg flatly refuse, how narrow minded is it of a company to deny an extension even of a fortnight especially after the cash they’ve had out of me over the years, in fact im absolutly disgusted.

it’s a good programme but there’s lots of others and im going to seriously investigate other daws now paying particular attention to customer loyalty and the support you receive

You sent a support ticket in? I’ve seen Steiny extend the C6 demo and mods say it was possible so your story isn’t ringing true. :confused:

well take it from me, im not going to waste my time writing about how dissapointed i am that steinberg wont extend my demo time if it’s not true am i ? do you think i just posted because there was nothing on the television and i wanted a moan about something so created a fictional story ?
trust me i was denied and extension and got an email off XXX explaining why in a patronising manner, i authorised the demo’s for my mac and pc at the same time and havent been able to use either and im pretty offended that you think im lying, trust me i’ve got better things to be doing with my time.

Hope you find something you’re happier with, then. :wink:

Steam’s been let off. Good. But was it really Steinberg’s fault that YOU missed the deadline? Mitten saw something funny about that so I’m not surprised that the support team did too whatever the truth of the matter is. They just didn’t take your word for it. My local council’s the same with explanations about parking tickets.

If you’re not happy then move, don’t look back. To a company that you don’t like YOUR words are cheap. Don’t follow the words with more money. Money is what motivates a company response whatever the company. You can’t take good will (or bad) to the bank. Fact of life. Good luck.

My bet is you’ll still be here in 6 months when C7 is out. :mrgreen:

id rather not leave steinberg, id just expect a little bit more respect for being a loyal customer having bought all the updates and pumped probably a couple of grand in to the company over the years.
it was absolutly out of my hands that i missed the deadline, i demo’d the portico no problem and wanted to buy it but thought id wait till the yamaha compressors came out as they were no doubt going to be cheaper, even if it was MY fault (which was massively out of my hands) an extension would hurt nobody, i buy a lot of stuff on spec but this is quite expensive so i need to make sure im spending my hard earned wisely

I’ve been wanting to change my bank for years, but even though the competition say the will take care of all the direct debits, standing orders and the like the thought of something critical going wrong stops me from moving the accounts.

i take your point but if your bank were rude and patronising to you in an email, refused you a 30 day overdraft after giving them a lot of bussiness and offered incentives to new customers and completely ignored it’s existing ones you might think twice about changing.
i’ve just purchased a copy of logic 9 off ebay (only £199), my pals have been encouraging me to swap daws for a long time cos they all use logic and you don’t need 3rd party plugins, samplers or synths as the bundled packages are well up to standard.

ill be sad to leave and might not get on with logic yet, but no matter how much cubase has improved i cannot forgive rude, arrogant and patronising support staff.

Dude, Logic is only $199 through the app store now…you should cancel the eBay thing.

I’ll be honest-I hate all software companies. It’s a flawed concept. Our moving away from purpose built hardware saddens me to no end. Logic9 was far less stable on my iMac than cubase4 (at the time). Using third party VIs at least. Using the built in Logic suite instruments, it was rock solid, but I’ve got hardware keys/modules that sound better…so, no point, IMO.

Anyway, I do feel your pain.

totally agree, all the hardware i’ve invested in has turned out to be an investment and if i ever do sell ill recoup all my money, i must admit, i had a play on my friends logic and it didn’t like having powercore hooked up to it at all, but other than that it was rock solid and i was impressed with the bundled plugins in particular the amp sims.

im assuming buying it from the app store you don’t get a boxed product as im a bit of a geek who like to have his plugin boxes on display in my studio.

Hi micronic,

I just saw on the MySteinberg/eLicenser database that you have had already 2 trial periods (60 days) for the Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection! :question: Why didn’t you write the truth in your post? We are not the bad guys…

Hello guys,

micronic already has “two” Trial- licenses activated at the same time.

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