Disk cache overload & audio dropouts with cycle mode

I have a weird issue with Cubase 11. When there is cycle region in the project and at least one audio event with active musical mode or pitch transpose exist, Switching the cycle mode On and Off during the playback causes disk cache spike and audio drops out. This only happens if the playback cursor is before or inside the cycle region. As soon as it passes the cycle locators, everything goes to normal. I have created a video to show the problem.

This might be a bug since I have tested with two different PC computers, both running windows 10 with SSD drives. I would appreciate it If anyone can also try it with their system and report back.


I wasn’t getting audio spikes or dropouts, but I’m also got the disk spikes. Quite surprising, since Retrologue 2 isn’t a sampler.

Tested on an i7 Win 10 (1909) Cubase 11 with Retrologue 2 in an Instrument Track.

Another oddity was that in some tests, when I switched the cycle on/off many times relatively quickly, I sometimes lost the audio from Retrologue 2 entirely. Hitting stop and starting playback again started the audio up again just fine.

I’ve seen this too

I’ve also seen it when moving the cycle markers whilst playing.

Yes, it seems to get worse recently.

Audio Spikes happens when you are playing back an audio file with musical mode or pitch transpose active.

Sorry, I should have been more clear:

  • I’m not seeing audio spikes on my system even when enabling/disabling cycling over an audio loop (but I’m not doubting that you are seeing those).
  • But I’m also seeing disk spikes when only playing a VSTi like Retrologue 2, which shouldn’t even have any disk activity. – I’ve mentioned this specifically, because it may offer an additional hint to the Cubase development team, where to look for the problem.
  • NEW: I just ran another test playing a totally empty part of my project and I’m still seeing the disk spikes when enabling/disabling cycle mode (other parts of the project have audio and instrument tracks, though).
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I just resolved a similar problem after much hair pulling. I bought a couple of Samsung EVO 1TB SSD drives and installed Samsung Magician to optimize performance. The drives use cache and some kind, knowledgeable people tipped me off that larger high-end drives have more cache. The spikes completely disappeared.

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Me too, tested with/out audio track, there always a spike when I switched cycle by press “/”, also I’ve tried to save my project from WD 2TB SSD to my new Samsung 870 4TB SSD, it spikes without difference. My is nuendo, but kind same.

Not works for me, I’ve just updated a new Samsung SSD, and it spikes still. But thanks for your tip. :+1: