Disk cache overload in cycle mode

Hi, I’m getting disk cache overload, audio dropout and stutter etc on a certain bar of a song only when that bar is in cycle mode. When it plays through with cycle off there’s no problem. It also just seems to be one specific bar 24-25. WEIRD. Buffers, asio guard etc make no difference.
Has anyone experienced this?

Win 10, CB10.5

Same problem here… :confused:
All HDDs are ok
Still investigating

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Got it!
Here is the faulty project with 1 audio track
Cursor is set before that cycle region (!)
changing cycle mode leads to disk overload.

No issues with standard stretching algos but only elastique

Same issue with 10.5.20 build 179

Someone please check this with Win 10

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hi, did you get any joy from support?

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I didn’t get any answer for my previous support request (few months ago)
So there is no reason for this I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have always had the same problem. I don’t have much hope of Steinberg fixing this or providing a solution, it’s been an issue for me and others for so long now :frowning: