Disk Cache Usage problem persists

Hi all i have addressed this problem some time ago with no solutions so i’m back with some more details for a possible cure:

My disk cache usage goes up to red and stays there for a second every time i click on different places of my sequence…even when its not playing/playback

I have noticed that when i load a cubase 5 project into cubase 6 this does not happen…ok the disk cache usage goes up to red but it just bounces back down instantly unlike cubase 6 projects which gets the Disk cache usage stuck for a second.

this is definitely messing about with my sound as i get clicks and pops every so often when im in playback.

my project is all audio tracks from media bay if that helps.

and im on Windows 7 (64bit) with Cubase 6 (64bit)

EDIT: in windows task manager > Processes > my CPU Usage on Cubase6.exe is 03 but shoots up to 60/70 when i click to move cursor in cubase 6…even when im not in play back

OK !!!

After months of testing i have finally found a cure for this and honestly can’t beleive it.

I’ve tried everything i could have posibbly found on the net with not results.

Who would have thought that all this overload BS would be coming from the musical mode algorithm !!!

By default cubase 6 is set to elastique Pro - Time which makes both the Disk Cache Usage and the Asio Time Usage go crazy.

So to cure this nonsense just swap everything as the musical mode algorithm used to be in all the previous cubases - “Standard Mix”

If you have alot of audio like i did and would like to convert there musical mode all to “Standard Mix” just go to Media > Open Pool Window…select all, click on one of the algorithm and switch to “Standard Mix”…then all the audio you have selected will change instantly.

Finally i could get back to work in piece…no more j-bridge…no more crazy asio buffer sizes
just 256 samples…vst bridge and lets go.


Do you use a lot of audio stretching or does this just happen with Elastique switched on apparently not active?
How much ram is involved and have you made any alterations to the Windows caching?

Hi Conman,

My projects all consist of about 40 to 50 audio tracks which are all in musical mode…hense time streched.

Most of the audio is electonic drums samples and stuff…not alot of melodies or long vocals so i dont see that i have to use a very complicated and refined time stretching algorithm like elastique which is more usable for pitch shift on harmonial stuff.

I’ve been using the Standard - Mix algorithm for a very loooong time now and never had a problem with it…so its enough for what i want to do - mainly sync drums and stuff to each other.

My pc is running on 8 gb ram and yes i did try some alterations with windows caching…ive tried disabling the “Write-caching policy” and the “No paging file” thing, always with no success.

By any chance do you know how i can set my default algorithm to Standard - Mix…as the default is Elastique when i import audio from my media bay ?

Thanks bud…you always seem to be of a help in my posts :slight_smile: Vote for Conman for President :smiley:

Hi there I’ve had the same problem with cubase 7 and tried your solution with no results…has anyone found any other reason for this problem to occur. I have it on some projects and others I dont and can’t decipher any difference between the projects. thanks…06