Disk full message

Hi, there I work with the latest Cubase 8 under windows 8.1. I have recorded some very light weight midi tracks with Dark planet. I tried to render one part inplace and gfot a can’t make audio track earning and when I pushed OK I got the message disk full. I have 16 ram and over 700 giga bite available.
When trying to record in a new project I also get a disk full message and recording aborted
Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated

Sounds like you either have your project folder set to a non writable drive such as a DVD or you have an issue with write permissions to the drive.

In the pool you can see where your audio folder is located…is it where you think?

Hi Grim,

OK, Problem solved. I recently installed Cubase 8 and had to re-set up my project folder. As it was I was trying to record in a template and save to the template folder. Duh! Thanks

hey Grim,

Could you maybe point out how you did that exactly in Cubase 8? I’m not at all seeing how to make that change. Super odd they would have an update point to a direction that would cause this problem when you’ve had working versions previous.

Thanks so much for any help all!


In project assistant/hub (opens on create new project) I use Prompt for Project location and create a new folder for every new project on my audio only drive.

Using the default seems to me like a good way to get stuff confused though I guess some people must use it OK
It seems to default to your my documents folder but you can set it in the assistant.