Disk overloads issue: might have found one prob/solution!!

Ok this really needs an explanation because ive seen people with this issue for the past year, some with exporting some within their project and so on. After doing several test in the past 2 days I can clearly conclude and confirm to anyone who would say its and issue with the hard drive or my os ( windows 7 64bit ) that Cubase his the issue.

So here’s the problem…after upgrading to Cubase pro 8 from 6.5 the issue started after about a month. Sometimes I’ll use the selection tool to selection region that i want to loop and I start getting audio dropouts and playback glitches. I get this during playback only when I do it while the project is not playing back I can see the disk load meter going crazy but no weird sounds as theirs no audio playing.
Now the other funny fact ( not so!!…really pissing me off!!) And this is how I can tell (1 of the ways other to follow) that Cubase is the issue. the problem will only occur when im on the right side of the project cursor or when im going from the left of it to the right ( it starts the disk load spiking just after I past the project cursor with the selection tool ) ( see screenshot ). Please note again that this is when playing back the project or when in stop mode….the only difference is that on play back I hear the sound going crazy. But disk load spike happen in both cases.

But this is not all. After more diging and flipping from one project to another ( trying so many stuff like removing musical mode, bouncing files, putting on the project files on same hard drive as my cubase witch none worked) I noticed that on my transport panel the project that did not have the loop function engage did not do this ( see screenshot ). So basicly disabling the loop function fixed the issue!!! On any project when loop is not activated this does not happen!!! It really works evry single time regarless of the project….so atleast I found that bug but I need my transport loop option! This as to be fixed ASAP.

More to that to finished this was not all ( sorry I didn’t mention I was testing on 4 different projects to see the behaviour). I then decide to open 2 other different project one that’s a recent one, and another one that not so recent about 2monts back ( so made in 6.5 ). With the transport activate and in front on the project cursor or going from left to right NO audio drop occurs or the disk load spiking! U can see it creeps up but not to the max thefore my audio playsback with no glitches! But what his going on here?! This is clearly no an issue with my computer!

Ps: I know cubase does a quick spike when using transport but this……NO NO NO!!! HELP!!! :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

STEEEEIIINNNNBBEERRRR :exclamation: :question: :exclamation: :question:

Computer specs: in case someone wants to blame the pc :laughing: ( the only part were this storry make me laugh…because i know its clean on my side)

windows 7 64 bit
cpu: i7-2600k @ 3.40 ghz
8gb Ram
1tb hdd ( os and cubase)
500 gb ( internal storage for project file / recording )
Nvidia GeForce 210

audio interface: focusrite Pro 24dsp ( and the sample rate are the exact same…i record the projects myself )

could someone tell me what this is all about, for now i just do it on pause but it will be nice to use the product as intendend…specially when paid for and upgrade for the better not the worst!! this is like a wedding gone bad right now steinberg!!! soon if this keeps up im divorcing!!! :mrgreen:


SCREENSHOOTS: ( more to come after post is approved )
no issue transport loop off.jpg
issue from right.jpg
no issue from left.jpg

more screenshots…here you can see when i remove the loop functions their no more drop outs and when i switch to some other projects ( other then the originls i was troubleshooting on) with the transport on and no issue. ( welll its raises but not to the max and therefore no audio gliches and all )

please anyone…any idea whats going on !!!
different project and transport on no issue 2.jpg
different project and transport on no issue 1.jpg
no issue transport loop off.jpg