DISK performance now also really bad

Now recording 6 mono tracks in 48/24 almost maxes out my disk performance.

I noticed worse performance right after updating when it suddenly it couldn’t play with dropouts when skipping to for example left locator during playback.

This has NEVER - and I repeat NEVER been an issue before this update.

I could run 20 audio tracks along with sample sample streaming without problems.

WHAT the h*ll is going on Steinberg???

Also I’ve gotten “too many tracks recording” - while recording 1 track. Somethings very broken I’m afraid.

OK this might have been caused by “low” space left on my builtin SSD disk.

I had well over 10 GB free space but it seems SSD’s like to have at least 10 % free disk space, which I didn’t since it’s 500 GB. Seems to run better now.