Disk - Ram settings and Preload settings

Hi All can anyone help on this question,

I am moving, some sounds over from Kontakt but finding HALion is using a lot of ram . I have very fast SSDs , I have moved the Balance all the way to the left “Disk” , but it’s still loading more than I would like into ram .

I have been messing around with the Preload , but I am not sure if this sets a limit per HALion or for all HALions used in Cubase .?

How much RAM does the Task Manager say it’s using? My Cubase 12 set-up uses 1.5 gigabytes with a single HALion V6 instance with 16 brass instruments (the XXL versions) loaded. (Nothing else loaded by way of VSTis.) Seems reasonable for 16 instruments.
An empty Cubase uses 0.42 gigabytes. So HALion is using around 1.1 gigabytes.

Thats a good idea to test what HALion 7 the Plugin uses , I found around 1GB for 1x HALion 7 and still 1GB for 10x HALion 7 .

I was talking about how much RAM HALion 7 gives to each Patch , I have balance set to Disk , which is the Min I guess , Kontak can go even lower and for fast system it does help . but overall HALion is much more CPU friendly . small is good :slight_smile: