Disk? Related audio dropouts


I have an odd problem. When playing back audio tracks (and this can occur with just a single stereo track playing) from a hybrid drive in my laptop, I get dropouts. As far as I can work out, I can hear the drive spinning up when this occurs. I have done all the recommended tweaks for optimising the machine for audio (it’s a Scan 3XS workstation, so nearly all of them were done out of the box). This problem doesn’t occur when playing audio through any other software, ie Reaper, VLC, Windows Media player etc, so I think there must be some setting somewhere in Cubase that I’ve missed.

Any thoughts?

Cheers in advance for any help.


I don’t see scan offering any options for hybrid drives in their audio workstations?

I know a few years ago these were not recommended for use with DAW at all for reasons that sound similar to your symptoms. Maybe things have improved in the meantime. Have you disabled all power saving options and set on high power scheme?

Yes, done all of that.

Knowing Scan’s reputation, I would’ve thought that they’d have checked all those things…
The odd thing is that Reaper works immaculately on the same drive, hence my question…

Cheers for your help so far!