Dislocated rests in percussion kit

I’ve read everything I could find on the forum and couldn’t find anything addressing this specific issue, so…

In the attached screenie, in bars 1, 4, and 5 the Snare Drum rests pop up to the Cymbals staff; and in bars 1 and 5, the Cymbals rests pop up to near the Triangle staff.

I’ve tried experimenting w/voices and stem direction, but no luck. They are set at BD = Voice 1, Snare = Vc 2, and Cym = Vc 3, w/stem directions set as they appear in the screenshot.

Any ideas?

Thanks much!

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about this at the moment because you can’t select, edit or otherwise manipulate the rests on a percussion kit. When Dorico draws the kit as a grid, it’s effectively drawing it like a staff with lots of stave lines, with some of them removed. As such the rest positioning is still carried out in much the same way as it is on a regular staff, which is generally of benefit, but obviously not in certain configurations involving beamed notes with rests inside them.

No problem, Daniel — you said the magic word: beams. I just went in and unbeamed all the snare drum lines, and the problem was solved.

Thanks, as always.