Disolving MIDI multitrack into channels to play diff. sounds

OK here goes:
I’ve got some MIDI songs created in my Yamaha QY700 sequencer. I want to record them into Cubase4 onto one track and then disolve/explode that onto separate channels and get those separate channels to play different sounds via the default instance of HalionOne, rather than having to select a separate VST Instrument for every exploded midi channel. I just can’;t get the halionOne to play all the separate sounds, but instead, I have to activate a different VSTi for every exploded midi track. With other imported midi files this is possible, but with the midi songs I record from my QY700 it just doesn’t work.
Can anyone suggest anything, possibly based on previous experiences with similar situations? If you need any more info,please let me know.

HalionOne isn’t a multitimbral instrument… one instance can load only one sound at a time.
As for recording into Cubase from your Yamaha sequencer, make sure that the record-enabled MIDI track is set to MIDI channel “Any”, otherwise, everything will get recorded onto the same channel (presumably, ch#1 by default).

Thanks very much for your reply. Yes the midi channel recording the data is set to “Any”.
What my problem is, is that when I explode this track that has all the separate channels data the exploded channels will not play all their respective sounds unless I activate one instance of a VSTi for every midi track. When just importing a MIDI file instead of recording it in, all the different sounds of different channels are played back, without any VSTis being activated. That’s what I’d like to achieve with my songs recorded into projects from the Sequencer.
Any other ideas…
Thanks again very much

I’m still not sure I understand the situation, unless you are saying that when you import the MIDI file, Cubase automatically creates instances of HalionOne on the correct MIDI channel, whereas when dissolving a MIDI track, you have to create instances of HalionOne manually. If so, that is because there is an option enabled in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI File>“Import to Instrument Tracks”. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent automatic function when simply dissolving a MIDI Part.

thanks…yes you’re right. that is enabled in the MIDI import preferences and I’ve found a bit of a workaround, so that I don’t have to create each instance separately. After recording from sequencer, I export that as a MIDI file, then import back and it shows up as instrument tracks, so that all the VSTis are already showing in the output list and much easier to just choose the patches from there.

That’s real “thinking outside the box!” :slight_smile: Nice one!