Disparity between USB-eLicenser and My Steinberg

Why would licenses displayed on My Steinberg not also show up in the USB eLicenser Control Center?

The USB eLicenser number shown on the My Steinberg page is identical to that shown in the eLicenser CC.

I’m able to successfully run all six of the Maintenance steps in the eLicenser CC. I’ve also run “Clean up eLicenser Memory” as well as all the other Support options. Everything runs successfully, but still there’s a disparity!

Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Isn’t the USB-eLicenser broken? Can you see any license on it?

Hi Martin,

My e-Licenser works fine: I can see all my licenses except for the one I mentioned (C9.5 Pro).



Did you upgrade the license?

Yes. I actually did it twice. I’m currently running e-Licenser CC ver

Everything works perfectly with the exception of the license that does not show up.

I think he means did you upgrade the Cubase 9.5 pro license. If you did, for example to Cubase 11, it will now only show Cubase 11. That’s fine, the newer license allows running older product. You no longer need that old license.