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Hello! Is it a way to change the gap over the staves when I playback in write-mode. The bar-numers are the limit on the top, I can not see f.ex. rehersal marks or anything above the bar numbers. Br Helge

It’s really not clear what you’re asking here. Are you in Page view? Galley view? There are ways to alter the gaps between staves, but we need to understand your need in order to answer accurately :wink:

For changing the gaps between staves in galley view, see here. In page view, the gaps between staves depends on the page size, staff size, and your vertical spacing settings.

For showing guide bar numbers in either view, see here. For showing bar numbers explicitly more frequently (which would affect the printed score etc), see here.

(Those links are to the English manual, but it’s also available in German - apologies if that’s an incorrect assumption on my part. To switch to the German manual equivalent of those pages, replace /en/ in the link with /de/ )

Lillie, is there - by any chance - a Norsk (Norwegian) version of the handbook in the pipeline?

None of the Steinberg manuals are translated into Norwegian and I’m not aware of any plans to change that, I’m afraid.

Thanks for a swift and good reply. And thanks for an excellent software!

I will check out the links in the manual, I guess I have checked out some of them already. I try to express myself clearer here. Please, have a look at the attached file down under. I use this options: Page view, 200% zoom, singel pages vertically, full score, view full screen.

The first system/ staff I can adjust before I start playback. The second staff appears from bare 4 and looks nice, it´s on the bottom of the first page, I think the reason might be that it´s on the bottom of a master page.

The third staff should have been lower, I can not see the rehearsal mark in bar 9, “A2”. It doesn´t help to move it on the page. This is the case for all staffs with rehearsal marks or other info above the bar numbers.

From bare 45 the staff appears to high, I can easielly move it futher down on the page, than it will look like the others.

Maybe one solution is to set up all the staffs on the bottom of master pages, one master page for each staff.

Here is a link witch shows how I hope to make it in Dorico in the future. I have made this in Logic Pro. There are two staffs in the display, a good thing is that the cursor move along the uppermost row, you may see whats happening in the next staff through the whole piece. It´s no problem to show two staffs in the display in Dorico either, but I guess the cursor will play throug bought rows before the next staff appear.

Best regards, Helge

Trollfuglen.dorico (1.5 MB)

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re talking about how the music looks on the page during playback as Dorico automatically follows the playhead - and you’d be wanting to do screen capture or similar to produce a screen-follower style video?

If that’s the case, you can try changing the page dimensions or even switching to landscape orientation to produce a look that fits better on a screen. At the moment, your full score looks pretty nice as sheet music, that is, music that will be printed and performed from by musicians. (Have a search of this forum or elsewhere online about producing “score follower” videos, as it’s possible or even likely that just screen-recording Dorico during playback won’t automatically produce what you want, and more involved work might be necessary.)

The reason the 2nd system on each page appears below the 1st system is because Dorico has calculated there’s enough room in that blue music frame to fit 2 systems. Unless you want to draw music in manually, I wouldn’t worry too much about the master page or separate music frames. If you want the staves to be closer together in the middle and further from the top/bottom edges of the page, you can increase the music frame margins and decrease the inter-system gap. Perhaps in combination with changing the page size/orientation or possibly also the staff size - there are various parameters that go into balancing engraved music, as I guess you already know. If you have a second screen, you can leave Layout Options open as you change different values until you’re happy with the result.

Finally, you added some information to your project by overriding the first page - here’s the same information but added to the First master page, so it’s not a page override. I also increased your music frame margins in the full score layout, and hid the flow heading in Layout Options (rather than deleting the text and leaving the frame). The playback template is set to “Silence” so the file size is smaller.

Trollfuglen_LH.dorico (493.2 KB)

Thanks a lot, I already see that it looks better in landscape. I look forward to try this out. Best regards Helge