Display and set quantization parameters per MIDI region (regardless of track)

We need to be able to quickly set and review the quantization for individual MIDI regions regardless of what track they are on in the timeline. I don’t see a way to currently do this in Cubase, i.e., once you’ve changed the grid to different settings, I don’t see a way to click on a previously quantized MIDI region and view its current quantization values. You can do something like this per track by using the MIDI quantize plugin per track, but even that constrains the regions on that track to what the quantize plugin is set to.

In the attached screenshot, MIDI_region_quantize_info_below_toolbar.png, I show what it might look like in the info display under the toolbar when you click on a MIDI region and it’s current quantization info is recalled.

In the attached screenshot, MIDI_region_quantize_inspector.png, I show what it might look like if there was a region based MIDi quantize inspector instead of the current track based quantize inspector.

But the idea is when you click on a region (regardless of track location) you can instantly revisit and change the quantize parameters. I don’t necessarily need to see a grid like the quantize panel displays, use iterative quantization, or open the key editor to hear what’s going on with Q values, strength and swing. I just need to be able to recall, review and change the quantize settings as quickly as possible.

There should be an option/preference for MIDI quantization to be finer grained region based as opposed to track based.

What exactly do you mean by that? I didn’t know a MIDI event had a unique and singular quantize setting.
I use quantization sparingly and on individually selected notes in an event using “Soft Quantize” option (with a setting of 10% or so). Some notes might get a straight quantize value (such as 16 notes) while other notes might get quantized to a triplet value. Most notes do not get quantized though.

How would your proposed feature work on the above example?

I constructed the screenshots to show how clicking on MIDI regions could work in Cubase if it implemented a way to recall the current MIDI quantization settings for all the notes in a MIDI region being quantized the same way. This is common in other DAWs and if you are coming to Cubase from other DAWs, you will miss not being able to see and change the quantization settings per region this way.

I joined the forum to perhaps read about how to have a workflow in Cubase that matches what our clients see in other DAWs like Logic. Some of our clients working in Logic on MacOS are collaborating with people who run exclusively on Windows and have difficulty interchanging work between Logic and Cubase projects because Cubase lacks MIDI functionality offered by Logic. Logic has a region panel in its inspector display which always shows the current quantize settings for a selected region. Logic offers quantization settings like the combination of 1/16 + 1/16T quantization which isn’t found in Cubase.

Another resource I’ve found is the archived club Cubase presentations given by Gregg Ondo, the field marketing manager for Steinberg North America. These are marathon 2-3 hour online sessions where Gregg presents issues he’s helped users solve, and then takes questions thru the chat. Someone has made an index of the topics covered in these sessions going back before 2020-2021 for Cubase 10 and 11. That archive can be found under h t t p colon doubleforward slash cubaseindex dot com slash cubaseindex2021_001 I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Gregg in person and he has helped me with Cubase issues. He usually always has an answer or workaround to help. But even in the club Cubase session, someone pointed out what CDR80 documents above, and Gregg seemed surprised Cubase does not save and display the quantization value already applied to MIDI.

So thanks cdr80 for posting this feature request and here’s my vote. I’d guess Gregg and the user who asked him about it would vote for it as well.

I ran into this after showing a client the key editor’s MIDI inspector when a MIDI region is selected. She was unhappy when she realized the inspector could not show her current Q value applied to the MIDI data and there was no direct way for her to compare her playing with quantization on and then off. Making duplicate copies of all the MIDI regions to have a copy of each with and w/o Q applied was not practical. In truth, I don’t remember now what Q I applied to each region since she is an accomplished pianist and every region or take did not need correction. I wiped quantization from all the MIDI regions in Cubase, exported them as MIDI files, and have this working in another DAW now for her - which is a fraction of the cost of Cubase Pro 12.

I’ve searched the forum for postings on MIDI quantization and found people resorting to 3rd party software to reduce the amount of time and mouse clicks it takes to apply it. Some are writing macros with 3rd party software to change Q values with shortcuts .



Other posts wonder if quantization is somehow broken. Difficult to know what’s going on when you can’t recall the value of quantization already applied.


At the very least Cubase could have a checkbox or button to turn Q on/off. Maybe in the inspector or also be a button you per track along with the mute, solo, buttons etc. I’d still like to apply and recall Q values per MIDI region and not just by MIDI track though. Also welcome changes to more easily apply Q values including fewer mouse clicks.