Display appearance in Cubase Pro 12

I use(d) Cubase Elements , I am looking to upgrade, therefore now I have downloaded the Cubase Pro 12 trial version. The background colour of all screens is black. In the Key editor this is annoying, the ( selected/ highlighted ) markers are barely visible. Can the background colour be changed ( to white )?

Although the default color scheme is dark, it should not be black.
Can you post a screenshot so we can see if it looks normal or not?

This might be of interest:

Thanks fort he reaction.

Pictures are attached

What setting scan be used to have the Key notes screen in Cubase Pro 12 ( dark ) to look like the Key notes screen of Cubase Elements ( bright )




Here are the pictures




I think you mean Key Editor?


Yes I mean Key editor.

In Drum editor I see the same.




If you see a total black background, you should be able to change that with what I circled above?

Or am I misunderstanding something? Or does Preferences>User Interface>Color schemes>Editor area back ground not work?

Thanks for the help.
It worked exactly as you indicated.
A bright background works better for me. Tahnks again.

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