Display barlines on left hand edge of each single staff

I am a long term Finale user starting to get used to Dorico 3 Pro on my iMac. I am creating some lead sheets and I am currently unable to find a way of placing a barline on the left hand edge of the single staff system I am using. I’ve found Notation Options>Systemic Barline and set the ‘Show for one or more staves’ option, but this still leaves the very beginning of the staff system open. There is a Document Options setting for this in Finale, but I can’t seem to find an equivalent in Dorico 3 Pro. I’d be grateful for any assistance on this. Many thanks

You’re in the wrong place - you have to go into Layout Options in “Setup” mode and go to “Bar Numbers” there.

a) Layout Options can be accessed from any mode, using Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L
b) What do bar numbers have to do with systemic barlines?

Alanmd, I don’t think this is currently possible in a layout that only contains one stave.

Whoops - sorry, somehow managed to misread “barline” as “bar numbers”. Ignore me. :blush:

Pianoleo - many thanks for you help. I thought that might be the case. It’s a small issue but important for tidiness in lead sheets and perhaps one that Daniel can take note of to include in a future update?

It’s been on the todo list since near enough day one. See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=118266

I could have sworn we’d already added an option for this, but it appears I’m mistaken. However, it does remain on the list for the future.

It is already possible from the 2nd system onwards:
Notation options --> Barlines (last option)

Heiko’s absolutely right. Sorry all - I missed that.

Yes, thanks for your input HeiPet.
The issue I have is that you cannot currently close off the start of the first system with a barline as is the usual practice for lead sheets. As I mentioned in my original post, I did find the option that HeiPet mentions but it is only effective for the 2nd system onwards.
Hopefully, now that Daniel has recognised that closing off the first system with a left hand barline is still not possible, his development team will resolve this soon.

alanmd - for now if I may suggest a workaround, you could create a playing technique glyph add the “bar line” symbol glyph and add it to the first bar, then drag it to the correct position. It should already be the correct height. The only downside is that if you want to do this in a part, and the part opens with a multirest, it will break that multirest.

Thanks so much mducharme. That sounds like a great workaround. I have also experimented with creating a slur between the first 2 notes in the first bar and in engrave mode straighten out the slur, make it vertical, adjust the engraving slur option to ensure that the middle and ends of the slur are the same width, and then move it to the left hand edge of the first system. It does work, but it involves a lot of work and patience. Your workaround is much, much easier. At present, I don’t need to do this in a part, I’m just producing simple jazz lead sheets.

Just had the same problem.
With the new Dorico update, you can create a vertical line, move it to the beginning of the bar and ‘custom scale’ it with around ‘180’. It pretty much looks like a barline :wink:

The workaround is fine but I’d still love the option to close the end of the first barline in the first single stave, especially in parts. Thanks.

It’s on the list for future implementation, don’t worry.