Display controller by the position of the faders in db

hello forum friends
I have a question to ask yourself:
From about Month use as controller Daw QconPro of the Icon, I am fine!
But I have a problem, I need to show on the Display icon of the increment and decrement values corresponding to the position of the faders
I’ll explain:
I move a fader QCon I leave it to the position -12 dB, I’d like to see this too value on the controller display without that every time I have to look on the LCD screen of the study, in fact, on the QCon Pro display I see any real-time parameter (Q, PAN, FILTER, SEND, INSERT, ROUTING, VSTI, PLUGINS etc …) but unfortunately not the fader level!
Contacting engineers Icon explained to me that did not depend on them, but it’s a setting not present or not activated in Cubase Pro 8.5.20
Among the other it is not present even in the version of Cubase 9,
I hope someone can help me!
Thank you

Hello friends of the forum!
No one can help me?
thank you!

If you’re talking about the mixer then you have to zoom in to see the numbers.

I I mean show fader values in the QCon Pro display controller and not through Studio lcd
Thank you