display drum notes as (larger) diamonds?

Quick question…does anyone know how to display drum notes as (larger) diamonds rather than the default (smaller) rectangles in the Project Window as seen in the “Drums” track in the above video between 2:53-3:05?

At 2:53 he is using Edit in Place feature for the midi editing which I don’t think allows drum edit. All the examples I see about the drum editor he is using the standard drum editor. For example at 3:06 he switches to the standard Drum editor.

Thanks for the reply…

I was asking about the “Drums” track (the one above the “Bass” track). I’d like to know how to display the drum notes as diamonds rather than rectangles to improve their visibility – i.e., I’m not interested in editing anything. Cheers…

Highlight the track you want to see in diamonds.

Go to the inspector, click on the top track that opens the drop down, then (I think it’s the bottom entry) enter any drum map you wish. Any drum map works. Then once a drum map has been assigned you will see diamonds instead of the standard rectangles associated with the key editor. To switch back to rectangles, choose “no drum map.”

Also, from then on, any time you double click that track to open the standard editor, it will open as a drum editor instead of a key editor.

Is that what you wanted?

That’s exactly what I wanted – thank you, sir!