Display Flows underneath each other?


I have written a piece in three flows. Each flow is in effect a short “movement”.

Because there is a great deal of similarity between the three Flows (it is a type of chant), i would ideally like to see each flow, one underneath the other, in Galley view.

This would make comparison and making changes across all three flows easier.

Is there any way to do this?



It is possible to achieve, but not in Galley View, afaik… I fear you will have to make a new master page, create new frames, and set each to show their respective frame only, and in the case of multiple systems/pages you have to take care of the frame chaining… I’m unable to fully grasp or explain the latter at this time… :frowning:

I like the original suggestion. Eventually (when one is able to import separately into individual flows) it could help comparing revisions.

Fratveno - thanks for your suggestion, it sounds fiddly and I suspect that will be beyond my capabilities though.

Derrek - It would be very useful for comparing revisions - think of how Microsoft Word allows you to compare two documents side-by-side with both scrolling together if you wish.