Display issue in Halion/Halion Sonic while using HiDPI

As you can see in the picture, there’re grid-like glitches in the UI of some instruments (Iconica, HSO, or some older libraries) when running at 125% dpi.
This occurs in both VST and standalone version.Latest libraries such as FM Lab has no such issue.
These grids will disappar if “High DPI mode” is unchecked.

Specs: AMD5950X/ RTX3070Ti/ Win11 22H2

Well, I had a close look at the uploaded screenshots and compared them with what I see on my Cubase (4K monitor, high DPI, similar setting as you describe) but I don’t see anything abnormal.

What exactly do you mean with grid-like glitches?

Check here, there’re many white lines in the background.

It looks like you see an issue I brought up to Steinberg. When using unusual scaling percentages, this may occur. The solution to this has to be corrected by the library developer. In this case, Steinberg would have to update the macro page of these libraries.

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