Display issue with Dorico


I’ve been using Dorico for a few years now, and wanting to start a score that I have to finish in two days, I import an XML file, and I see that something is wrong with the notes. The font is changed, and the notes appear as kind of bars, it’s pretty strange…
I told myself that the problem came from the file itself at first, but when I wanted to open an empty template to check this, I had the same bad surprise as my screenshot shows. I have already tried to search on the internet if someone had encountered the same problem before, but I found nothing.
I confess I have no idea why this is happening, I’ve done no particular change on my computer or my files, if anyone has any idea of the explanation and solution, I would be delighted to hear it.

Thanks !

Well, maybe I should have waited before writing about it because I just found the solution. I just empty the cache of my fonts, it was obviously the problem because everything is fixed!
It’s still nice to have faced the problem, and if someone has the same problem one day, then my little adventure will help in this case!

Thank you !

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Glad to see you’ve solved it. And welcome to the forum!

Yeah, me too ! Thank you Mark !