Display issue with top menu bar on Nuendo 11 (Win10)

Hi! I’ve had this display issue with the top menu bar for… years now, across versions, with both Cubase and Nuendo. I never found what causes it. It generally happens when opening the software, and is fixed by re-docking/maximizing the menu bar/window - but it’s a seriously annoying little QoL issue, and I’m surprised that after so many years that this keeps flying under the radar.

This is Nuendo 11, on a 1920x1080 display, part of a three screen setup with different resolutions. All screens are set to 100% scaling in the Win10 display settings.

I’m right here if you need more details or if there’s a known fix (not a workaround, please) for this that I don’t know about.

Which Nuendo version?

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Edited my post, thanks. Not familiar with the new forums, thought I was on a Nuendo 11 thing.

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It seems if I am reading the picture you have it looks like you have the task bar on the left side. I keep mine on the bottom and keep it hidden. Also I have duel monitors setup with both monitors being the same in modal and rez. .Both are at 100 % too. I have not seen any glitches on mine.

I always have task bar at bottom as well. 4 monitors here at 100%. Various Nuendo windows are opened on all of them. No issues like that.