Display meters on second monitor without window border

I swore I had Wavelab setup to show the meters on my second monitor with no border in the same way the main program is. Today it loaded with the usual Windows border and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Was I imagining being able to do that or is there a way to get it to display like how the main work area does (with just the dark theme border).

Right now I’m using control window 1, previously I thought I had it part of the main window but not sure if that’s possible.


I have most meters on a second monitor and that exact same thing happened to me last week following a Windoze 10 update. I simply resized the meters to fit the screen and re-saved the whole display as the default.The meters screen has the Windoze icons running along the bottom though.

Maybe you want this setting OFF:

Thanks PG … I’ll uncheck that.

Thanks PG but my issue is with the Windows GUI border, that option seems to only affect Wavelab’s title.

Here’s what it looks like, the screens are different sizes so they don’t line up in the screenshot. I wanted to get rid of the upper Windows 7 border. I remember it being like the main program on the right where it’s just the Wavelab grey border.

I tried ALT-Enter as well (to enter full screen borderless) but that doesn’t work.

I have just manually re-sized the meters on the second screen again … they now completely fill the screen with no windows boarders (as before). Can you not manually re-size them?

Thanks Paul. Do you mean have them all independent (not part of a Control window)? I can resize them one by one and it seems that gets rid of the border. But then they’re free, not linked together like before.

So like this?

That gets rid of the border but then you have to manually align them. Was easier when they are in a control window.

I think that looks like my second screen … I always had them ‘free’. Once I had the WL GUI like I wanted I just saved it as the default and the template for each new session/project.

Cheers Paul, I guess I’ll run it like that then.

I use DUET and my IPAD for my meters, It works GREAT. Here is a link. https://www.duetdisplay.com/