Display of rest when crossing staves

Hi — I have a piano score reduction here with crossed stave chords (placed on the lower of the two staves). Is it possible to get the crotchet rest to display in the treble stave?

Can you put a dotted half note in the upper staff and then suppress playback and hide its stem and notehead?

EDIT: Although Leo’s solution is likely easier, I find that one would have to add a half and a quarter (to avoid an extra dot, and then suppress, and hide.

Slice 1

Easier to just force a rest on beat four, then remove the rests that appear on beats one and three. (Or if not easier, at least a little less workaroundy)

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great, thanks!

I meant to remove the minim/half rest on beat one and the crotchet/quarter rest on beat three, via Edit > Remove Rests. Given there are other voices present there’s no consequence to note spacing, so no need to hide via the properties panel.

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