Display Problem

Hi everyone, I just upgraded my Cubase version from 7.5 to 10 and I have 2 issues that annoy me. I add pictures that show the difference.

  1. In Cubase 10, I don’t have a headline of Cubse like in 7.5 and as a result of that, the text in the upper toolbar of Cubase shown with shadow (because of the windows settings).you can see the difference in the pictures I add.
    is that any way to add the headline like in Cubase 7.5 or maybe “disconnect” the toolbar from windows settings?

  2. The text in Cubase 10 is more sparky and even blinds a little. is there a way to change the text and make it like in 7.5 version?

Thank in advance!

Hi and welcome,

This is how Cubase looks like on Windows 7. On Windows 10 the menu looks much cleaner thanks to the fully supported technology.

Hi and thank you very much!

Is there any solution for windows 7?


No, on Windows 7 it just looks like this. You can experiment with other background/desktop colour.

thank you!