Display problems

With Windows7pro I have found a problem with the level amount pop-up that appears when you move the cursor over an envelope and begin to adjust it. On my two monitor set-up I have the Montage open on the second monitor. When the pop-up appears it is not at the position of the cursor, but rather, it appears on the near edge of the first monitor.
This problem does not occur when the Montage window is on the first monitor.

Another problem I have is that when a montage is selected and the window appears that shows the progress of the VST loading. The window freezes in progress and will not complete the loading unless I move the mouse a bit to activate the display. As soon as the mouse moves a bit, then the plug-in loading continues until completion.

I can reproduce #1, thanks.

But what do you mean with:

unless I move the mouse a bit to activate the display

If I open a montage or click on a montage tab. A window opens ‘Operation in progress’. The first plug-in begins loading and progress freezes until I move the mouse a little. Then the rest of the plug-ins load, as expected.

What operating system?

Windows7 Pro SP1 64bit
This happens on both monitors. Sometimes the loading window does not open until I move the mouse.