Display recorded CC's in MIDI Editor by default

Need to see the 2 or 3 panes with the CC’s which have been recorded when I open a MIDI Part in the MIDI Editor.

  1. Record a MIDI Part with some MIDI notes and, say, CC7.

  2. Double-click on this MIDI Part to open MIDI Editor.

  3. In the MIDI Editor, we see the piano roll and that is good. Problem: the CC panes on the bottom of the MIDI Editor show CC types illigocally and randomly (before you select the needed CC in each pane - then panes remember what you’ve selected): for example, the first pane may show CC1 which I have not recorded in this MIDI part, thus the pane is empty, then the second pane is empty, and the third might show CC1 again. However, what I need to see by default is Velocity pane, because Velocity is 99% of time is important in a MIDI Part, and then I need other panes below the first one to show one or two other CC’s which are actually present in the recording of this particular MIDI Part. If I’ve recorded CC7, I need to see a CC7 pane by default when I open the MIDI Editor for this MIDI Part. If I also recorded CC1 within this same MIDI Part, I need to see CC1 when I open this MIDI Part.

And, the default amount of CC panes is also always unexpected - sometimes it’s two panes, sometimes it’s three. It should be one if only Velocity data is present within this particular MIDI Part, and then if more CC’s are present then two or three panes should be seen below the velocity pane with corresponding recorded CC’s already selected in them. Again, usually it’s CC7 and CC1, but whichever they are they should be preselected in the CC panes when I open the MIDI Part.

And, the default vertical size of the CC panes should be the same. But if I change the vertical CC pane size, then it should be remembered by the MIDI part - which is the way it already works (I mean, the resized CC pane size is remembered already).

Thank you!


Hi Steinberg, we need to ALWAYS see those used controller panes (3 top used if more than tree are used, which is rare) in the MIDI Editor Window whenever we open MIDI Editor Window. Thank You!